Composition rules for amazing photos


If you want to become a great photographer, then you need to understand the basic notions of composition. Skilled escorts will explain you that these techniques will help you to arrange the elements and subjects inside a picture in an optimal way. The correct application of these guidelines can make the difference between a mediocre image and a splendid work.

Perception and photography

The key is to know how to observe. It is the ability to look what you have in front of you and immediately visualize how such image will be framed.

Visual perception plays a fundamental role on photography. It selects only the information that catches your attention as your intelligent Amsterdam escort will tell you. Gestalt, a German psychological trend which has studied this phenomenon, has listed several laws from which six are essential for the creation of a picture.

One of them is the rule of contrast between the main subject and its background. It analyzes the relation between the different stimuli found on the image. A person tends to separate a figure from its environment based on features like shape, color, contrast and size.

In many cases, talented escorts will show you how these elements are not static. They could exchange roles depending on the perspective of the observer. A figure can be more easily perceived if it has a simple shape. This rule is applied on photography to highlight the presence of an item inside a specific context.

Another important rule is the law of similar. According to it, we tend to see things that share visual features like color, shape, texture and size as a whole.

In digital compositions, the deliberate use of similarity adds a meaning to the image which is independent from the main theme. Additionally, your dexterous Amsterdam escort can show you how the use of repetition adds a rhythm that gives as a result a great photography.

Framing your image

As a first step, you should define your center of interest and the frame you want for the image. Expert ladies from the Escort Directory will explain you that the same image can transmit different impressions according to the provided enclosing. Horizontal orientation usually creates an effect of spaciousness or serenity, while vertical is more dynamic.

Human eye observes limitless space. However, the camera encloses the image. As a result what you decide to include on it is as important as the items you decide to exclude.

Skilled escorts will show you that shapes and objects of a scene can be used as a natural frame inside an image. This technique consists on enclosing a particular part of the scene with the elements you have on it. A window, a bridge or a mirror are some items you can use for this purpose.

As for the direction and the format of the frame, there are four types: vertical, horizontal, panoramic or square.

Your acquainted Amsterdam escort will tell you that the most common is the horizontal framing which is also known as landscape format. This is because it is the natural position of the camera. Additionally, it is very similar to the way we perceive the world.